Pamela Anderson went to party

Pamela Anderson has kids, right? *Checks Wikipedia* Yea, she does. Two in fact. So why is it that every photo I see of her it’s of her partying? And why is it that she’s almost always so drunk that her eyes have rolled into the back of her head like a damn demon. You’d think that time would be better spent with her children during their formative years. Pretty soon her kids will be all grown up and telling their teachers that, no, they’ve never heard of Hansel & Gretel before, but they have heard the one about the evil casting director that wouldn’t hire the beautiful princess even after she gave him the world’s greatest bj.

Anyway, here’s Pamela Anderson partying at Primal in Atlanta last Saturday. I was sent these via e-mail. Twice. I took it that meant they really wanted me to post it. A word of advice though. Try not to send these kind of photos so early in the morning. For about an hour after opening this, I thought I hadn’t actually woken up and was having a nightmare. I tried pinching my nipples to wake myself up, but all that did was turn me on.

More scariness after the jump.

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capt. cornhole
capt. cornhole
13 years ago

I don’t really wish death on most people….

BUT. Pam Anderson should have died about 10 years ago. Back when she was hot and her face didn’t look like the ass end of a dog.

I would rather jab my eyes out with crusty brown tampons taken from the sewer plant that having to watch her get uglier each day…..

13 years ago

Now because she has to kids Dylan almost 11 y old and the Brandon, She must be closed at home 24 hour on 24 hours? She is single and not only mom.

13 years ago

Another Hollywood ASS CLOWN!! Freak show, your not soposed to drink when you have HepC !!!!

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