Patricia Arquette and Thomas Jane are divorcing

Patricia Arquette & Thomas Jane

Two years of marriage and a 5-year-old daughter were simply too much. Medium star, Patricia Arquette, and Punisher star, Thomas Jane, have called it quits. Arquette will be seeking custody of their daughter, Harlow, and wants Thomas Jane to schedule visits.

I see where Patricia is coming from. It must be pretty annoying when your husband tries to work a “punisher” reference into every conversation and when his idea of foreplay is to tell you you’re going to get “punished” after dinner and use those air quotes as he overemphasizes the word “punish.” Yea, we get it Thomas Jane. You were the Punisher. Guess what though? That movie sucked.

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    I’d love to feel those slapping my knees as I poked my tongue into her cornhole.

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