Pillow Hands Canseco couldn’t KO Danny Bonadouchey

While Sugar Shane Mosely fought Antonio Margarito at the Staples Center for the welterweight belt and Fedor Emelianenko fought Andre Alrovski at the Honda Center for the WAMMA heavyweight belt, former MLB star, Jose Canseco, fought perennial D-lister Danny Bonaduce on the other side of the country in Pennsylvania for irrelevancy (not a belt). 

The fight, which saw the 6’4” Canseco landing only one single effective strike to the 5’6” Bonaduce, a strong jab, ended in a draw after three one minute rounds.

Reports indicated that fans began leaving the arena before a decision was even announced. Most likely disappointed that the chance of these two pummeling each other into obscurity was nearing zero.

Jose Canseco fights to a draw with Danny Bonaduce in celebrity boxing [NYDN]

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