Ricky Gervais gets cheered, Sacha Cohen gets booed

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Ricky Gervais actually made a Holocaust joke work at the Golden Globes. The same can’t be said for Sacha Cohen’s Madonna joke.The audience pretty much shamed Sacha onto the D-list. Which is simply weird. Madonna is an annoying bitch and any celebrity openly making fun of her automatically deserves a bj from Megan Fox or at least rousing applause. As it turns out, making fun of Madonna is basically the equivalent of setting homeless people on fire. You could probably swing a baby around your head and people would be less offended.

Ricky Gervais up top. Sascha Cohen below.

  • “Ivanka Trump is either severely tone deaf or she’s trolling everyone”

    Clearly, because ‘everyone’ totally thinks the same thing and totally believes every accusation against anyone :-D

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