Shauna Sand really loves the beach

shauna sand white bikini 08

When I think of what might have happened in Shauna Sand’s plastic surgeon’s office, I imagine her with sparkles in her eyes begging him to, “Make me beautiful, doc” and the doctor, turning around in his high-back leather chair to reveal a pair of crossed-eyes, goofily replying, “Will do!,” and hurriedly strapping her to a table and haphazardly jabbing her perfectly normal body with silicone-filled needles.

shauna sand white bikini 01shauna sand white bikini 02shauna sand white bikini 03shauna sand white bikini 04shauna sand white bikini 05shauna sand white bikini 06shauna sand white bikini 07shauna sand white bikini 08shauna sand white bikini 09shauna sand white bikini 10

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capt. cornhole
capt. cornhole
11 years ago

MMMMM I would love to lick her gleaming pink turd cutter! Fresh from the Dr’s office and raw from her latest anal-bleaching treatment.
Dr. Cornhole would give her the follow up my patented chapped chitlens treatment!

BTW: a hint of her well used moose-knuckles in shot #10.
I knock another one out…but the ol’ hog is getting sore today!

11 years ago

i’m impressed that she’s old, but not wrinkly.

11 years ago

I don’t know what looks worse… her boobs or her lips!

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