Suzanne Somers gives herself vaginal hormone injections, is crazy

Suzanne Somers @ Palm Springs Film Fest

62-year-old Suzanne Somers, Three’s Company and Step By Step, went on Oprah Thursday to discuss her daily health routine. It involves rubbing a syringe of estrogen on one arm every day, rubbing a syringe of progesterone on the other arm for two weeks of every month and vaginal injections of estriol.

Also, every morning she’ll take 40 pills, 15 of which are mixed in with a thick, yellow smoothie. Before bed, she takes another 20.

While she admits the routine makes her seem “like some kind of fanatic,” she says it has helped her beat the “Seven Dwarfs of Menopause: Itchy, B**chy, Sleepy, Sweaty, Bloated, Forgetful and All Dried Up.”

“I wanna be there,” she said, pointing to her head. “Until I’m 110. And I’m going to do what I have to do to get there.”

Holy crap. A cancer patient doesn’t even take that many pills or injections. This bitch is insane. There’s no way I would even bring a needle within five feet of my crotch. If you told me that if I stabbed my penis every day with testosterone, my dick would grow four inches and sex would last longer than two minutes, I’d say no thanks. The laughter, embarrassment and endless crying isn’t that bad.

[Image via Splash News]

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