Teri Hatcher was at the People’s Choice Awards

Teri Hatcher @ People's Choice Awards

Every year, Teri Hatcher rises from her grave to attend the People’s Choice Awards. This year was no exception. Here she is morphing into a gargoyle and frightening half of Tinsel Town. If you dare to look, you’ll probably realize she’s from TV. That is correct. Each week ABC airs episodes of this monster’s exploits. You probably thought they were cautionary tales. More metaphor than reality. You were wrong. It turns out this monster is very, very real.

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3 Comments on "Teri Hatcher was at the People’s Choice Awards"

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capt. cornhole

Damn that bitch has more wrinkles than my flacid penis!


What the hell is wrong with her eye? I mean, WTF?! That’s so scary….

Queefer Sutherland

If my dick looked like that I’d never touch it again. Not even to pee.

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