The Oscar nominees have been revealed

Today, January 22, the Academy released the list of nominees for this year’s Oscars. Leading the pack was The Curious Case of Benjamin Button with 13 nominations. Heath Ledger was nominated for best supporting actor in The Dark Knight. Of course he’s going to win it because his Joker was awesome. Jerk.

Unexpectedly, despite 8 nominations, that’s the only major category The Dark Knight is in the running for. Probably because whoever decides these things is gay and their mommy didn’t let them see the movie.

For best picture, you have Benjamin Button, Frost/Nixon, Milk, The Reader and Slumdog Millionaire. What? Slumdog better than The Darknight? Is there any way you can argue that? Without using the words “because I said so?” Slumdog is undeniably a good movie and Danny Boyle is awesome, but the ending was lame. The bathtub scene alone should have put it out of contention. I haven’t seen the other movies, so I can’t make a valid argument, but I can say the Academy is retarded.

Another surprise included Gran Torino not being nominated for anything, yet, Angelina Jolie is up for best actress for Changeling. I haven’t seen that either, but it looks pretty dumb. Can’t you just pretend that kid is yours? Is that so hard? He’s probably going to contract Polio and die anyway. Sheesh. Women those days.

The rest of the list is here.

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Daniel Maxson
15 years ago

Well, Slumdog might not have been a fantastic movie, but I thought it was interesting in the little clip on how they showed the impact the movie has had in Mumbai.