There will be a “Gossip Girl” spin-off

A young Lily van der Woodsen will be the main focus on the Gossip Girl spin-off. A pilot for the show set to air May 11 will masquerade as a Gossip Girl episode. The new series will center around Lily van der Woodsen aka Lily Rhodes in 1980’s L.A. Variety describes:

In the new project, which is based on an original idea by Schwartz and Savage, Lily moves in with her sister, the black sheep of the family, after a falling out with her parents. In the process, she must adjust to living in the San Fernando Valley (during the height of the Valley Girl craze) and going to public school, having previously attended a wealthy Montecito boarding school.

The spinoff will center much of its action on the Sunset Strip (which was in the midst of its own heavy metal, hairband era) and Hollywood, where Lily discovers a world of wealth and excess.

I hope Lily goes into porn. And there has to be A LOT of annoying Valley Girl speak. Throw in some references to Bill & Ted, John Hughes movies, big hair and any other cliche from the 80’s and I think we’ll have a winner. Or at the very least, something the current Gossip Girl demographic can’t relate to at all.

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