Update: They took a photo of his dying kid

John Travolta & Kelly Preston

Recent reports surfaced that two people are in custody for allegedly trying to extort money out of John Travolta and Kelly Preston. How exactly they were attempting to do it was a mystery. Until now.

According to The Daily Mail, a local politician from Grand Bahama where Jett Travolta died and a person thought to be connected with the ambulance service, demanded “millions of dollars” from John and Kelly in exchange for a picture they took of their son dying. If they didn’t follow through, they’d “sell the photo to the highest bidder.”

Out of all the things you could do, that’s one of the worst. Who goes around taking pictures of dead celebrity kids? Hot dead chicks with big tits I can maybe understand, but this is ridiculous. They should have also threatened to go to Jett’s funeral and rabbit punch him in the nads if they didn’t pay up. If you’re going to be doing something that awful, you might as well go all the way.

Update: TMZ says people tried to extort $20 million from Travolta and that a picture of a dying Jett may not be their bargaining chip although it does have something to do with the circumstances around his death. Us adds that there is only one person involved.

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