This is why my site is banned in China

China has put Google and other major web portals on notice. In the country’s latest efforts to lockdown material they consider “destabilizing,” such as pornography and anything criticizing the government, China has warned Google and other such sites that it needs to do more to block these nefarious materials. This will be near impossible since Google and other such sites don’t generate any content, just index it.

The announcement said Google and Baidu, China’s two most heavily used search engines, had failed to take ”efficient” measures after receiving notices from the country’s Internet watchdog that they were providing links to pornographic material.

Google asserted that it abides by Chinese law and does not generate pornographic content.

The statement also criticized popular Web portals Sina and Sohu, as well as a number of video sharing sites and popular online bulletin boards such as Tianya, that it said contain problematic photos, blogs and postings.

Coincidentally, this announcement was released on the same day photos came out of Zhang Ziyi naked at a private beach and almost a year after the whole Edison Chen scandal. But how serious is China about this campaign really? Very. Last year with the Edison Chen drama, they asked the FBI to talk with sites about it. I know this because they called me out of the blue. Of course, they admitted I wasn’t doing anything illegal and just politely talked with me about what was going on (foreign relations, blah, blah), but little did they know everything was already being flushed down the toilet. You’ll never catch me coppers!

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capt. cornhole
capt. cornhole
15 years ago

The Chinese police should be re-named the Fun Police.

Most men know that jerking off to pictures of naked women they’d never be able to get within 500 feet of (fucking restraining orders) is a relaxing pass time.

The Chinese government needs to get on board with this.

15 years ago

I gotta admit,China’s request is like asking a fish not to swim. I live in HK and i assure you, people went BESERK over Edison’s thing…