This wasn’t humiliating

Celebrity Big Brother is where once famous people go to live out their miserable existence. It’s like a retirement home for has-beens. Anyway, Verne Troyer is in the house this season and yesterday, they forced him and other contestants to dress in a bear suit and eat a pot of honey. I think the results speak for themselves. Best show ever? Yes, best show ever.

So, to continue with the analogy. This would be the kind of retirement home that you see on the news all the time where residents are secretly abused. Of course, if these were actual old people, it would be cruel and sad. But thankfully they’re not. They’re d-listers and that makes it hilarious.

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capt. cornhole
capt. cornhole
15 years ago

AHHHH HAHAHA It’s Pedo-Bear!

That’s so fitting.