Tony Romo cheats on Jessica in her house

Jessica Simpson Chili Cook-off

The Simpsons might be smarter than they look and sound. Ever since Jessica showed up with that spare tire, stories about her have been springing up left and right. One of the many is from Star. They say that Jessica’s boyfriend, Tony Romo, cheated on her in her own house while she was out of town.

Star gossips that Tony hit up an invite-only party at My House with Stephen Colletti from Laguna Beach and the midget from Entourage. Romo decided to have an after-party “back at [his] place,” which everyone found out was really Jessica Simpson’s place.

Amid Jessica’s gold albums, the party raged on downstairs. But on the second floor, Tony was enjoying his own private party — with a long haired, olive-skinned cutie.

“Everyone was talking about it downstairs,” dishes the source. “The girls were saying it was so wrong and shady of Tony to cheat on Jessica — especially in her place! I just can’t believe he would hook up with another woman at his own girlfriend’s house.”

Jessica must have been pissed after she read this. What a violation of trust. The first words out of her mouth probably were, “I hope you hid my M&M’s!”

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