Verne Troyer hit on Kelly Osbourne

Verne Troyer tried to “seduce” Kelly Osbourne on NYE. Verne sent Kelly “several tequila shots” over the course of the evening. All of them were sent back, of course, because Kelly was partying with her boyfriend Luke Worrall. And also because she had one of those fancy GHB detectors. Those kids and their gadgets.

Female First adds that he ended up “riding his scooter around the club before tearing up the dance floor alongside Rihanna and Chris Brown.” They probably didn’t know he was there and punted him once or twice. Well, the first time by accident, the second time because Verne was humping Rihanna’s leg.

At the end of the day, Verne still managed to run up a $7,000 tab and had to be carried out by his bodyguard so it wasn’t a total loss.

All in all, this was an eventful night for the little guy. Although, clubs have asked to him to please stop hiding in the punch bowl and scaring people. That prank is getting old and pretty much ruins the punch.

[Verne Troyer leaving the T-mobile afterparty with a girl on his motor scooter back in August. Image via Splash News]

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capt. cornhole
capt. cornhole
15 years ago

Can’t you just picture him in one of those fancy pet carriers that all the celebs tote onto the planes and what-not?

His face behind that cloth mesh and a bite collar round his neck, being toted onto a plane by an ugly fat chick that like to sit on his face till his toes turn blue….

….something you don’t see much of any more…midget bell hops….I wonder why? I guess all the midgets got into porn, better tips!

15 years ago

After she sent back the tequila shots, Kelly O told the little goblin, “I’ve crapped bigger and better looking turds than you”