Victoria Beckham has a new ad

Victoria Beckham’s new lingerie ads for Armani came out today. The adverts show her sprawled out on the floor in polka dot bra and panties. The other shows her sitting on the edge of the bed. The perverts at The Daily Mail says you can almost see a six pack. Although, they do suggest she may have been airbrushed. She looks good though. Especially when she isn’t talking.

Meanwhile, Katie Holme’s ad for Mui Mui was leaked on the same day as her friend Victoria’s. For whatev creepyer reason, Katie looks exactly like Posh Spice. God, I hope Tom Cruise doesn’t do a Mui Mui ad ala David Beckham. The last thing I need is Tom Cruise splayed out on the floor in nothing but tighty whities looking at me seductively. Not again, man!

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