Yippee! Another “Sex and the City”

Good news for fans of haggard old women who F their way through New York. You’re getting a sequel!

Sarah Jessica Parker, Kim Cattrall, Cynthia Nixon and Kristin Davis are all coming back for another installment of Sex and the City. And they’re getting raises. Big ones.

Regarding the sequel, Parker is hoping for a story “worthy of an audience.” Nixon wants the exact opposite and suggests the crew go on a “mad cap adventure.” Probably in Brazil or Mexico or any other country where it’s plausible to stumble into the middle of an ongoing orgy or something equally provocative.

Whatever they decide to do, just, please, stay away from the hi-def cameras and consider axing the Blu-Ray release. 1080p is not your friend. Maybe try filming in YouTube quality?

Sex and the City Stars Commit to Sequel! [Us]

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