Zhang Ziyi is topless, blurry

zhang ziyi topless 01

International film star, Zhang Ziyi, best known from Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon and, shudder, Rush Hour 2, ended up at the beach topless with some guy fingering her as seen in these watermarked, low quality pictures.

Ugh, foreigners. Look here little lady. I don’t know how they do it over there in China, but over here in America we don’t stand for these shenanigans. Only one or two blurry shots of you topless? No, this won’t do at all. But, considering your man defiled you in public, I’m willing to let it slide this time.

Oh and it looks like they may have been caught. Hmph, lifeguards always have to ruin the fun. Like that one time I was harpooning seals which was made worse by the fact that I called Tara Reid a seal.

Update: A few higher quality added.

zhang ziyi topless 21zhang ziyi topless 20zhang ziyi topless 19zhang ziyi topless 18zhang ziyi topless 17zhang ziyi topless 16zhang ziyi topless 15zhang ziyi topless 14zhang ziyi topless 13zhang ziyi topless 12

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