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Katy Perry Pre-Grammy

Here’s Katie Perry at the pre-Grammy party honoring Clive Davis showing everyone why she’s been able to stretch her 15 minutes into a full hour. Her music may offend even the deaf, but her chest has been known to give the blind the gift of sight. I hear Katy Perry’s boobs are the American equivalent to Buddha’s belly.

katy perry pre grammy 01katy perry pre grammy 02katy perry pre grammy 03katy perry pre grammy 04katy perry pre grammy 05katy perry pre grammy 06katy perry pre grammy 07katy perry pre grammy 08katy perry pre grammy 09katy perry pre grammy 10

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capt. cornhole
capt. cornhole
11 years ago

Monday BJ mouth!

So you are saying that rubbing her tits brings the same good luck as rubbing a budda belly?

Did I ever tell you about how my priest liked me to fub his belly while teaching me to be a snake charmer? Those spitting cobra’s are a bitch to tame.

glamour shots
11 years ago

wow her chest is just wow no words can describe how wow it looks

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