Adriana Lima no longer a virgin

Victoria’s Secret model Adriana Lima has long professed that she is a virgin and will be until she is married. It took a while for her NBA boyfriend Marko Jaric to figure it out, but he finally married her on Valentine’s Day in a small ceremony attended by close friends and family. Lima wrote on her MySpace:



By this point, some people know about my big news! Yes, I like to keep my life personal but I did become married on Valentine Day to the love of my life. I am SO happy inside and I want to spread my love!
The marriage was very small and not most friends and family could attend because it was a quick decision. Luckily, we will be having another wedding this summer that will be a bigger event!
We have not decided where it will be because my family is in Brasil and Marko is from Serbia. It will be great no matter where!
And finally, there are rumors of me pregnant. I just cannot say.. YET! .


If the rumors of a pregnancy are true, that either means it only took her one week to get pregnant or she had sex before Valentine’s Day thereby violating her sacred vows. That or Marko tricked Adriana into thinking “sex” meant something completely different. Like, one day he pointed to a donut and said, “This is sex.” Which could explain why they never eat donuts anymore.

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13 years ago

im glad adrianna kept it until marriage………cuz alot of hollywood stars dont believe in SEX AFTER MARRIAGE…… BUT ITS GOOD to see some 1 obeying God’s laws about purity…….VERY GOOD ADRI……

John M
John M
13 years ago

Yeah, I’m pretty impressed with her. May they have a long and happy marriage.

13 years ago

what is the appeal of jocks ? oh never mind, i guess that’s obvious

13 years ago

I love you so much adriana

13 years ago

I love her very much . I’m much impressed by the way she keeps her virgin until her marriage ! Not lot of girls can do that especially those Hollywood stars !I love you baby ! Keep trying , you know you are the best ! You always ARE !

13 years ago

She’s the hottest woman on the planet .!!
Bravo to her that she could keep the virgin till her marriage !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I just love herr .!!
You’re the best and all those bitches are jelous of youuu ..!!!

13 years ago

I guess heaven is missin’ an angel cause u’re right here ..!

About this virgin thing..No suprise ..
I haven’t heard for a angel that is a bitchh ..!!!!

Loowww yaaa ADR..

colin drakard
colin drakard
13 years ago

Jenny Drakard is a twat.

10 years ago

She dated Lenny kravitz n derek jeter of course she got banged retards or she gives some bombass head

6 years ago

she married in february and gave birth that november.
unless she got pregnant the night she married she was pregnant.
same thing for gisele: married feb and son born that same december.

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