Benji Madden and Katy Perry?

Katy & Benji @ LAVO

Katy Perry and Benji Madden were both spotted at LAVO at The Palazzo on Valentine’s day getting cozy with each other. Sources say the two “dominated LAVO’s VIP section on the dance floor” and they “sat together and chatted closely.”

“Katy grabbed the microphone and addressed the crowd, telling all “Screw boys, we got girls!” as her hit “I Kissed a Girl” began to play in the background. Despite her instructions to the club goers, Katy clearly only had eyes for Benji.”

Benji could hump a rattlesnake and it’d be a step up from Paris Hilton. Jumping from Paris to Katy is like winning the Super Bowl when just last year you were surviving off of cat pee.

I’m not sure how credible these reports are though. I could put my hands all over girls at clubs too, but that doesn’t mean we’re together. It just means security hasn’t caught me yet.

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