Biggest breasts in the world? I’ll be the judge of that

sheyla hershey 38kkk 05

Brazilian actress/model Sheyla Hershey had a dream. A dream to have the world’s biggest breasts. It was this dream that led her to Houston, Texas. There, surgeons pumped a gallon of silicone in her chest (literally) inflating it to a 34FFF. Still, that wasn’t enough. Hershey wanted to go bigger.

Her probably gay boyfriend pleaded with her to stop so she wisely dumped him. The state of Texas told her that injecting any more than a gallon of silicone would violate their ethical code or something like that. So, she went to a country where doctors weren’t such big babies. Brazil. Sheyla finally ended up with a 38KKK bust and now holds the record for world’s largest breasts.

Being Brazil, Sheyla was also given the option of fusing a live koala to her back. Sadly, she decided against it.

sheyla hershey 38kkk 01sheyla hershey 38kkk 02sheyla hershey 38kkk 03sheyla hershey 38kkk 04sheyla hershey 38kkk 05

Hat tip to Cornhole. More photos here.

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