Britney threatens to cancel tour unless demands are met

Britney Spears is striped

Britney Spears has threatened to cancel her upcoming tour unless the agreement to have her kids travel with her are honored. Britney and Kevin recently worked out an arrangement that would allow Sean Preston and Jayden James to live in one of three home bases located in New Jersey, New Orleans and Los Angeles which Britney would then commute back and forth between following her concerts in each area. K-Fed was also to receive more than $4,000 a week during the time she was on tour and he didn’t even have to be at any of the homes. No word on what the payment was for.

The deal was set up and ready to go until Kevin’s lawyers intervened. They believe Jamie, Britney’s dad/conservator, went behind their backs to broker this.

However, this turned out to be a fracas about nothing as an update provided by TMZ says that everything seems to have resolved itself. The only hiccup is Britney has to wait for Kevin’s lawyer to present the deal in his own wording.

Kevin’s lawyers probably thought it wouldn’t look good when at a later custody hearing, the judge finds out he took $4,000 a week to allow this. It’s almost as if Britney was exchanging money for her kids. There’s a term for that. I think it starts with an “R” and rhymes with handsome. Hm, what was it?

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