Chris Brown has a lot of explaining to do

Rihanna & Chris during happier times

Chris Brown might want to look for a better excuse than, “she fell.” Sources who’ve seen photos of Rihanna after the altercation tell TMZ that her injuries are horrific.

In addition to the contusions to both sides of her face, she has major swelling and bruising, a split lip and a bloody nose. There are also bite marks on one of her arms and a few of her fingers.

Rihanna told cops that Brown did in fact beat on her with closed fists and while they aren’t registered deadly weapons like mine, they were still devastating.

TMZ also found out that it was a stranger who called 911 after they heard her scream. Which makes sense. Rihanna probably had her hands full on account of being turned into a human punching bag. Contrary to popular belief, it’s hard to dial numbers when both your eyes swell up and you’re trying to protect your face from a pair of fists. Surprising, I know.

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