Chris Jericho punched a woman too

WWE pro-wrestler Chris Jericho allegedly swung at a woman and knocked her to the ground outside of Save-on-Foods after a RAW Live show on Saturday.

The altercation began when a mob of Canadian fans surrounded Chris at a stop sign while he was in his car. They started heckling him and saying things like, “You’re an insult to Canadians you [expletive].” Pretty much acting as if pro-wrestling was real. Then a girl started pushing Jericho. She must have been really strong and intimidating or really ugly because Jericho punched her. There isn’t a clear view of the punch in the video, but you can see Jericho take a swing. Per the Times Colonist:

One witness said she saw the 225-pound wrestler spit in the blond woman’s face after she approached his SUV. The woman started hitting Jericho, which is when he punched her, said Darshan Stevens, who watched from about a metre away.

“I was really surprised that a pro wrestler would do that with everyone watching,” Stevens said. “And hit a girl, what are you thinking?”

Jericho drove off, she said, just minutes before several Victoria police cruisers arrived.

The woman who was hit, 20-year-old Ashley Levey, said the altercation began when her boyfriend, Kalen Johl, heckled Jericho. Jericho got out of his vehicle, Levey said, and made a derogatory comment to Johl, who is South Asian. She said Jericho pushed Kohl first. Levey called Jericho a racist, so he spit on and punched her, she said. Levey said she and Johl were later arrested but released without charge. She wants Jericho charged with assault.

Canadians seem really passionate about watching two greased up men play fighting each other. They act like it’s their national sport. If you told them it wasn’t real, they’ll probably get all emotional on you like this guy and have their girlfriends beat you up.

I’m not saying Canadian fans are delusional pansies, but when someone calls you a racist name and then knocks out your girlfriend, you might want to do something about it other than standing around and looking like someone stole the last slice of pizza. A good start would be to politely ask for an apology and quickly cower in fear.

Does anyone else see a connection here? Bobby Brown. Chris Brown. Chris Jerico. The triumvirate is now complete.

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He prob thought the dirty blonde was Mickey Rourke.


Yeah but did he REALLY punch her or take an air shot and stamp his foot on the floor as he did it?


hahaha they were bugging the hell out of him, I wouldva punched them too.


The girl and her boyfriend started this whole thing Jericho was defending himself against those jerkoffs


hahaha i would have punch the jerks too


Stupid fans and retarded securitys.Good job jericho.

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