Christian Bale is, um, passionate

Christian Bale is somewhere

A few months ago, Christian Bale reportedly went off on a director of photography who accidentally walked through his scene and ruined his take. Bale, being the level headed man that he is, bitched, yelled and threatened to kick his ass. Luckily, a brave soul recorded the tirade for insurance purposes and now everyone gets to hear how big of an asshole Bale is. TMZ explains that this was on the set of Terminator Salvation and that Christian Bale threatened to quit if the DP wasn’t fired.

While I’m sure the DP walking in distracted and invariably ruined Bale’s take, I’m pretty sure this 10 minute diatribe didn’t help.

My favorite part is when Bale doesn’t want to take a minute break and utters a Bill O’Reily-esque, “Let’s go again!”  Listen here or below.


Who knew actors were such whiny assholes. Jesus. Calm down you big baby. This is Terminator Salvation, not Citizen Kane.

Here’s Shane’s, the DP’s, website.

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