Ed McMahon has been hospitalized for three weeks

85-year-old Ed McMahon has been hospitalized for more than three weeks with pneumonia. That’s three weeks no one has bothered to ask where the hell Ed McMahon was. You’d think people would care about the guy who lost almost everything and had to debase himself for FreeCreditReport and Cash4Gold to pay off his debts.

“Ed’s a big, strong, hearty guy and his family and I are hopeful and optimistic about his prognosis,” he said.

Bragman and McMahon’s family are “praying and hoping for the best and are appreciative of everyone’s thoughts and prayers,” Bragman said.

Shouldn’t this win the guy a free pass out of debt hell or will he have to spend the rest of his life shilling for anyone that will pay him. On his deathbed, will Ed have to force a grin, look into the camera and tell everyone what a great online funeral service is? That would be a shame because, personally, I think they overcharge.

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