Everyone hates Jennifer Aniston

Danica Patrick @ The Teen Choice Awards

If there were ever a movie made about female race car star Danica Patrick, she would prefer if Angelina Jolie played her. Not Jennifer Aniston though. That would be utterly ridiculous.

“I’ve always said Angelina Jolie would be great because she’s an action star,” Patrick, 26, told a group of Canadian bloggers.

“Although I don’t quite look like her,” Patrick goes on.

What about Jennifer Aniston?

“I don’t think that’d be age appropriate,” she says of the He’s Just Not That Into You star, who just celebrated her 40th birthday. “She’s older than me!”

Note that Danica Patrick is 26, Angelina Jolie is 33 and Jennifer Aniston is 40. Seems strange that another 7 years makes that big of a difference. Danica should just come out and say what we all know she’s thinking. Aniston is an old, withered cow and shouldn’t be in anything unless it premieres on Lifetime or the 10’clock news.

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