Fergie is in a bikini

fergie bikini 05

You wish and wish upon shining stars, falling stars and whatever other kinds of stars you’re supposed to wish upon, but you never believe that one day you’ll come face to face with pictures of Fergie in a bikini. Is this a dream? One that you can wake up from? Hopefully? Please, tell me I can wake up from this.

fergie bikini 01fergie bikini 02fergie bikini 08fergie bikini 09fergie bikini 10fergie bikini 11fergie bikini 12fergie bikini 13fergie bikini 14fergie bikini 15

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11 years ago

wow she’s buffed, but sexy in a way and in a way Fergalicious

capt. cornhole
capt. cornhole
11 years ago

I had just opened a bag of cheese doodles, when I clicked on these pictures. Now my johnson is covered in orange doodle dust.

glamour shots
11 years ago

fergie is liciously buffed

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