Freida Pinto, now famous, cancels engagement

Freida Pinto and her ex

Freida Pinto, 24, has enjoyed a meteoric rise due to Slumdog Millionaire’s success and plethora of Oscar nominations. And like what happens with all small town girls when they find stardom, Freida decided to dump her fiance, a guy she’s been with since college.

“Freida realised she had been presented with an incredible opportunity but would not be able to make the most of it if she was tied down. She knew that she had to put acting first from now on.

“She and Rohan talked on the phone about finding a way to make it work—but her circumstances had changed so much they knew it wasn’t to be.”

Being married at 24 when you’re a big celebrity is the kiss of death. Freida probably told him about the pressures of fame and that it’s going to cause problems because he won’t ever “get” her. And also that George Clooney might one day want to boink her. How can she accept if she’s engaged? I mean, she could, but she’d feel kind of guilty about it. She really doesn’t want to feel guilty. So, you see, breaking-up is for the best. It’s good to let them down gently.

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  • Laura

    And I’m going out on a limb here, but in the caption pic is her newly dumped ‘how’s your news’ fiance.

  • well she’s a total bitch ugly social climbing biatch

  • kumar

    Most of the Bitches do that.

  • If this was a man doing the shoo to a girl, he would have been lynched.

    This girl has decided that she is now famous (and in India, notorious as a bitch) she could dump her husband.

    FRankly, her ex helped her, and she dumped him. The sorry part is that this was done in media glare and the poor guy who has not even got on the first step towards a career is being talked about as a loser.

    She is a bitch because she did not even care about the status she would leave him in. If she had some sense, she would have talked to him in private and over time worked something out, and let him out gently.

    He also now has cause to produce all the stuff on her, the weddings and all, and his family will be justified if they damage her name through and through. If she can be so insensitive, then she deserves none in return.

    What a bitch this girl is. It is just a few months before she goes to being a typical sterotyped brown skinned bit actor.

    • sanch

      are you guys stupid? or do u only thrive on incomplete news? she didnt dump him publicly! he’s the one who wanted his 15 mins of fame and went to press after being dumped. thus..he’s THE loser here…FOR REAL. no true gentleman would backbite on his “true” love, how deep the pain. it just shows his immoral and classless values.

      also, for the record..she CAN do much better. however i am not quite sure wth shes doing with dev right now..he’s 5 yrs younger to her for god’s sakes!!

  • Frieda Pinto is a fake heartless bitch for dumping the fiance when he helped her when she was a nobody struggling to make it big she is no example for us indian women or women on the whole her parents should feel ashamed of her is that the values they taught her
    its not indian values at all to dump the poor guy because u don’t need him she would have to face karma…
    and whats with the surname pinto you are not latino

  • Ramirez

    Women are always looking for a better deal , there used to be a time when some would give it all up for love , these days no one cares about the other person , the very fact that she got engaged to this chap , who does’nt appear all that glamorous means he was out of options and he was her best bet , well as it happens while gambling you hit a jackpot , what do you think she would do now hahaha dump him , cos she wants to live in America , she wants to wear clothes by the best designers …and she wants her share of fame , in 5 years no one will even remember if she had any values .

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