I can’t see how this would fail

Michael Jackson’s brother, Marlon, has unveiled plans to build a slavery theme park which will also double as a tribute to the Jackson Five and a luxury resort. Marlon plans on building the five star hotel, concert halls, golf courses, casinos, Jackson Five museum and slavery memorial near a former slave port.

“The Jackson family had been looking for a place to site their memorabilia collection,” explained Gary Loster, chief executive of the Motherland Group, to the BBC. “We visited the site of the slave port in Badagry and Marlon turned to me and said: ‘Let’s put it here, this is right.'”

The development will cater to the country’s growing tourism industry, particularly African-American tourists who wish to trace their Nigerian roots. Visitors will be able to explore the site of the former transatlantic slave trade, honour the hundreds of thousands who died in what were horrific human rights abuses, and then head off for a round of golf or a massage, before gawping at animatronic versions of the siblings who sang ABC and I Want You Back.

Marlon also wants you to call him if you ever find his common sense. It done gone left him. I can’t help but feel Marlon was trying to make a point when, in a moment of clarity, he thought a slave port would be the best place to put the Jackson family memorabilia. Maybe that’s giving him too much credit. Because with that idea came the decision to build a slavery theme park.

If Marlon was half the visionary he makes himself out to be, he’d also have entertainment for the kids. Like a ship ride where they have to do the rowing while old white men in rocking chairs shout racial epithets at them and sip on mint juleps. People eat that stuff up.

I don’t think I could ever find a photo that accurately described this story. I think I came pretty close though.

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