I’m surprised the baby didn’t fall out

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M.I.A. performed at the Grammy Awards on her due date as planned. She made it through her set without going into labor. Disappointing to say the least. At one point I was hoping her water would break causing Kanye West to slip which would set off a long look-at-me speech berating M.I.A. and telling everyone she planned this whole thing to make him look bad.

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15 years ago

they should’ve just let MIA perform the song. bringing those guys out ruined the performance.

glamour shots
15 years ago

I agree those guys was just messing it all up out there

15 years ago

This is a joke right? MIA and Kanye West????? (who of course tries to steal the limelight right away). He’s such an idiot…who listens to this joke’s “music”. Farcical!

And she’s a full dode. Nice Clash rip-off sweetie. Does this chick have any other songs?? Cause it’d sure be refreshing to hear one…or maybe not! Ha… either way – didn’t she make some big statement about retiring – before she actually even “took off”..or whatever you’d call it. Planes – take off and land…or just keep flying far away! Yeah – that’s probably better!