It’s about time

Finally, Jackie Chan’s next movie won’t be co-starring Chris Tucker and neither will it begin with the words “Rush Hour” and end in a number. In fact, it won’t even be Kung Fu comedy. Chan, who’s starred in all three Rush Hour series, each one getting progressively worse, takes on a darker role in his upcoming Chinese gang thriller titled the “Shinjuku Incident.” The film’s director, Derek Yee, will not even release it in China because he doesn’t want to tone down the violence.

Speaking to the Associated Press, Chan says he aspires “to be Asia’s Al Pacino or Robert DeNiro.” Which may not actually be a good thing these days. The AP adds:

Chan said it was tough shedding his flashy kung fu moves and cheeky grins for his new movie.

“The director would tell me, ‘your laugh is too cute,’ or in a fight scene, ‘you can’t move too dramatically,” Chan said.

The director asked him to move as if he didn’t know kung fu: “Wow, it was so difficult.”

What a coincidence. Directors tell me to tone down my sexiness and masculinity all the time. I spend six hours in makeup just so they can hide my biceps and chiseled abs because they’re so perfect, it’s almost unrealistic. Although, the one thing I can’t do is pretend not be extremely lethal. Even when I walk, each step is taken with deadly accuracy. Hi-ya!

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15 years ago

i wonder what the blooper reels for this one will look like. those usually are the best parts of his movies.