Jen and Angelina set to do battle

On Feb. 21 at the Night Before the Oscars party in Beverly Hills, two arch-enemies will meet for the first time since 2005 when Brad left Jennifer and started making babies with Angelina. The showdown is being billed by OK! Magazine as the fight of the century and is being hyped as such by Jen’s camp. Not since my last bowel movement has there been this much anticipation.

“She has always known that this moment would happen and she’s never been more ready to see her nemesis, Angie, in the flesh,” a source tells OK! of the 40-year-old He’s Just Not That Into You star. “She’s no longer alone — she has a hot man in her life — John Mayer — and she plans to bring him as her date to the party.”

The insider adds that Jen has felt very confident ever since reuniting with John, 31, last year after their brief breakup. “It’s taken time, but she’s getting past her insecurities about Brad and Angie and their huge happy family. Though the meeting is sure to be difficult, Jen knows it has to happen and now couldn’t be better timing.”

Asked about what she thought of the potential clash, Angelina said, “Jen? Jen who? No, I don’t think I’ve ever heard of a… oh, right.” Angelina then changed to subject to how wonderful her life is and how easy it is for her to get pregnant and how glad she is she didn’t end up a spinster with a 31-year-old boyfriend/musician who’s afraid of commitment because that’s probably the worst thing that could happen to anybody.

[Image via Splash News]

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15 years ago

jennifer aniston needs to get over this. HOW many years has it been? She looks pathetic. Face it, he’s just not that into you. Ha ha..get it? Like the movie?? Hello??

glamour shots
15 years ago

well I think Jen should ignore them and live her life happy by doing that she would be the winner