Jennifer Aniston presents in front of Jolie and Pitt

jennifer anisotn oscars 09

Last night, Jennifer Aniston and Angelina Jolie finally met. Kind of, sort of. Aniston presented Best Animated Feature with Jack Black while in Jolie and Brad Pitt’s direct line of sight. Gasp! Tension you could cut it with a knife.

When Black made a joke about how all Pixar films win Oscars, Aniston said, “I apologize Mr. Katzenberg [Jeffrey Katzenberg is the co-founder of Dreamworks], I don’t know why we let him out of the house.”

The camera then panned to Jolie, who laughed.

When Aniston announced the nominees, she moved to the center of the stage, right in front of Jolie and Pitt. When the lights were down, Aniston smiled directly at Pitt, but not at Jolie.

Aniston then presented Best Short Film; both Pitt and Jolie kept huge smiles on their faces the entire time.

As Aniston walked off stage, Jolie and Pitt both clapped.

So they politely smiled at each other. Why is this being reported? Next, they’ll be comparing Aniston and Jolie’s bowel movements. “Aniston’s was soft and slimy indicating an unhealthy diet of fast food, but Angelina’s was firm with a healthy brown color indicating a healthy diet of rainbows and virtue, said our expert medical doctor.”

Anyway, here’s Jennifer Aniston at the Oscars. She looks confused and nervous as always. She seems out of her element surrounded by the likes of Sean Penn, Kate Winslet and Heath Ledger’s ghost. You could take a fish out of water and it’d feel more at home than Aniston did at the Oscars.

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