Jessica Simpson almost has a nervous breakdown at concert

Jessica Simpson performed in Grand Rapids, Michigan last night and nearly suffered a meltdown. Concert-goers were alarmed when Simpson forgot her lyrics, mumbled and almost cried during her 38 minute set. Jessica also kept adjusting her earpiece and complaining that she couldn’t hear herself.

In the middle of “Come on Over,” she forgot the lyrics. During “Pray Out Loud,” she told her band to start over. Simpson then admitted to the audience that there are times she felt like walking off stage, “like tonight.”

Publicists claimed Jessica was just having an off night while her record label said she blew out her voice in the middle of the show and that’s why she was crying.

Could this be a sign that Tony Romo finally ended it with Jessica Simpson and now she fears she’s going to be a spinster for the rest of her life like that awful Jennifer Aniston? Maybe. But Romo’s absence at the concert could be due to a lot of things. One of them, for example, is that he was busy banging some chick in Jessica’s bed. Hopefully, she’ll understand and realize it’s nothing to have a mental breakdown over.

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Ana Maria
Ana Maria
13 years ago

…I feel bad for Jessica and her sister; I think they’ll never be taken seriously, career-wise, unless they drop their dad as a manager…and how sad is it that Jessica keeps talking about Romo publicily? she’s sending out a huge desperate vibe…

13 years ago

where make-up :D ?

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