Jude Law is a pretty woman

After Sherlock Holmes, Jude Law will be playing Minx, a celebrity supermodel, in a movie titled Rage to be directed by Sally Potter. That’s Jude up there in costume. The film is described as such:

Part of the subject matter of RAGE is the ugly use of beauty in the pursuit of profit. Drugged by Marketing, sapped by fear of aging, conned by the cult of celebrity… image becomes all.

Jude Law, whose beauty has sometimes been held against him as an actor, made the courageous decision to accept the role of Minx – a “celebrity super-model” and took on a kind of hyper-beauty for this persona… a ‘female’ beauty which gradually unravels as the story unfolds.

Strangely, the more he became a ‘she’, coiffed and made-up – the more naked was his performance. There was great strength in his willingness to make himself vulnerable. It was an extraordinarily intense part of the shoot.

Under the guise of high art, Jude Law will finally be able to wear those outfits he’s been secretly hoarding for years. In fact, Jude is going to wear his pretty dresses even after he finishes shooting because he “likes to stay in character.” And that guy he’s taking home from that weird bar with all those men? That’s just him researching the role. He’s very devoted to his craft.

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