Katrina Darrell is Bikini Girl in “Bikini Girl”

katrina darrell bikini 08

Katrina Darrell failed to make the top 36 on American Idol despite parading around in a bikini during her audition. Reason being, she wasn’t very good and the judges finally got tired of the novelty. But if you thought she’d exit with grace and dignity, think again. Here she is trying to hold onto her fame like a 5-year-old holds on to a pet hamster not realizing he’s already squeezed the life out of it.

katrina darrell bikini 01katrina darrell bikini 02katrina darrell bikini 03katrina darrell bikini 04katrina darrell bikini 05

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Capt. Cornhole
Capt. Cornhole
11 years ago

I think she could do with some anal fisting lessons.

That and I wouldn’t mind tickling her colon with my pinky

11 years ago

I assume you meant to say something cheesy like “bikini girl in a bikini world”

11 years ago

i hit that already

Capt. Cornhole Jr.
11 years ago

Her face looks like a troll’s, but her vagina would be a passible sperm receptical.

Entertainment Industry News

oh you are really sexy girl, thanks

11 years ago

She is so retarded!

11 years ago

I think she is amazing looking and she should get her own gig.
She rocked the airways like a Superbowl commercial.
Everybody wishes they could be confident enough to not be
judged by American Idol.
She punched good ratings. Don’t doubt that she is marketing smart.

Bikini girls
11 years ago

I also think she’s remarkable in that she has a great looking bikini girl body and it’s fine if she wants to show it off, yes we appreciate that.

More power to the girl. by the way, the above purple bikini shot looks the best out of them all.


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