Lily Allen is very forward

During an interview with Q Magazine, Lily Allen made out with her boyfriend and admitted that they’d slept together. She also said he has a “nice” cock.

“The hunk in my kitchen.

“Well, he’s hot. He’s cute, isn’t he? I had a sleep-over two nights ago and he came along.

“Quite young, for me. What d’you wanna know? How big his c*** is? It’s very nice.”

I bet the only thing the reporter asked was, “How are you?,” before she launched into that rant.

Lily then started talking about getting lap dances at strip clubs like the Spearmint Rhino where she stayed for six hours.

“I went to Spearmint Rhino the other day actually, for six hours. I’ve had lap dances there. It’s fun. I like having a chat with the strippers.”

The singer insists she’s not gay despite another recent confession that she “snogged lesbian twins on a couch in San Diego”.

Wow. Most perfect woman in the world? Yes. Most perfect woman in the world. If you could combine Lily’s personality, with Lindsay Lohan’s rack and Megan Fox’s body, you’d have the ultimate girlfriend. That or a failed experiment you dump in the Hudson river.

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15 years ago

Ooooo she’s so controversial!!! Yawn….

15 years ago

This is a quote from Q magazine.They are owned by Guardian U.K. The Article has no credibility. Guardian U.K. has a history of printing false articles about Lily Allen, after which she has clarified that none of the information was true. Lily Allen has made it clear in the past, that she does not do written interviews, she’ll only appear on radio/television. She is suing News of the world magazine for the drug comments! Let’s remember that she’s an unwilling tabloid fixture, these are not her words