Lindsay speaks and time wasters

  • Lainey: Marion Cotillard looked good at the Oscars
  • ASL: Hugh Hefner wants Kate Winslet in Playboy
  • INO: Diane Kruger had a nose job?
  • Lossip: Where was Javier?
  • Flisted: Emily Blunt booted from Iron Man 2
  • WIMB: Paris Hilton won some awards too
  • DRW (Site NSFW): Jessica Alba makes masturbating easy
  • EB: Kate Winslet saw it coming
  • Laura

    seems like lindz gots some lice up in her hair. keeps on scratching…

  • As long as it’s not crabs

  • Laura

    i had to watch it again. it’s like a car accident. love how she keeps looking every which way while being interviewed. it’s as if she knows, this needs to pick up some pace or security is gonna find her & throw her out. No STD infested allowed!

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