Updated: Michael Phelps won’t be charged

A photo of Michael Phelps smoking a bong at a University of South Carolina party was leaked to News of the World at the beginning of February. At the time, sheriffs wanted their 15 minutes so they told the media that they were thinking about whether or not to charge Phelps.

Today, Sheriff Leon Lott finally reached the thrilling conclusion that no, they’re not going to charge Phelps. The decision may stem from public sentiment that Lott’s investigation was a waste of taxpayer’s money and the fact that the most they could throw at Phelps was a minor drug charge.

The eight others arrested in connection with the photo have been cleared. Earlier reports indicated that the majority of the questions authorities asked them were about Phelps signifying they were trying to get him specifically. These included questions about his favorite color, what his hobbies are, what qualities he looks for in a person and do you think he’d like these flowers? All of which lead people to suspect that this was a completely different type of investigation.

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13 years ago


13 years ago

yeah definitely I don’t see why he should be

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