Miley Cyrus is practical

Miley Cyrus rides a bike

It’s always mind blowing to see a bike as a millionaire’s preferred mode of transportation. You don’t often see normal people on bikes, period. Especially not ones wearing flowy dresses and carrying an oversized handbag. Unless of course you count that crazy crossdresser who rides around your local grocery store ringing his bike bell and stopping every so often to show unwilling strangers the dead rats he’s collected in his purse. Miley Cyrus can afford to have a bunch of men draw her around town in a carriage, but no, she chooses to ride her Electra. Good for her. I wouldn’t be able to show the same restraint.

miley cyrus bike 01miley cyrus bike 02miley cyrus bike 03miley cyrus bike 04miley cyrus bike 05miley cyrus bike 06miley cyrus bike 07miley cyrus bike 08miley cyrus bike 09miley cyrus bike 10

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11 years ago

this is so cool

11 years ago

what with the major disaster of the “asian eyes” thing & following lawsuit she needs any/all positive attention she “fake photo opp” can get…disney lawyers are behind this one for certain

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