Minka Kelly is doing JC Penny

I had no idea JC Penny was still around. That used to be the go-to catalog when you couldn’t find the one for Victoria’s Secret. If Minka Kelly was in it, I wouldn’t have discovered the internet until five years later. In high school, while all the other kids were talking about free porn on the web, I would have been proudly showing off pictures of Minka modeling granny panties that I cut out from last week’s ad.

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capt. cornhole
capt. cornhole
15 years ago

Victor, you are so right about JcPenny being the go-to catalog (that and sears) pre-vikki deep throat days.

One of my earliest memories is licking the black and white pages with the bra’s and granny panties. I was sticking those pages together before I could even cum. Humping a pile towels. As a 4 year old I was popping mini boners. SAD-BUT-TRUE….The childhood of capt. cornhole