Morgan Freeman’s passenger suing

Back in August of 2008, Morgan Freeman was seriously injured in a car crash. He was airlifted to the hospital. Reports indicated he suffered broken ribs and a hurt knee.

The accident managed to raise a lot of questions. Specifically about the woman riding shotgun. Many suspected it was his mistress. An assumption may not have been far from the truth becaues two days later, his lawyer announced Freeman was divorcing his wife of 24 years.

Today, the girl in Freeman’s passenger seat says she has retained the services of famed lawyer Gloria Allred and will sue Morgan Freeman. In addition, Gloria issued a press release claiming she will “tell the truth about whether or not she was the ‘other woman’ in an intimate relationship with then-married actor Morgan Freeman when she was seriously injured as he was driving her car late at night.” But, wait. There’s more. She will also release “never before seen graphic and disturbing photos of the car in which the actor and the woman were riding will be displayed.”

This woman doesn’t know who she’s messing with. Morgan Freeman, who has been relegated to playing God in all of his films, is almost at the end of his life . Does she really want to feel the wrath of the film adaption of God? A film adaption of God with nothing to lose? Mark my words. Morgan Freeman will nap on her. He will nap on her harder than anyone has napped on her in their lives. Trust me. You don’t want Morgan Freeman napping on you. It takes forever to wake him up.

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