Morning time wasters

It’s cool because they’re robots. In disguise!

  • Pajiba: That Land of the Lost commercial during the Super Bowl looked pretty bad
  • Lainey: Madonna is hanging out with her friend Jesus
  • ASL: Kingston Rossdale is 2 legit 2 quit?
  • Hollywood Rag: Chris Brown has his own shot girl
  • WIMB: Tori Spelling looks disturbing
  • Yeeeah: The GI Joe Super Bowl trailer
  • CNW: Elisha Cuthbert uses stunt boobs
  • UseMyComputer: Gisele Bundchen does the Rampage Ad Campaign
  • ben

    There’s something really wrong with the design of the transformers. They all look the same to me in robot form.

    • What? That’s racist!

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