Update: Naomi Watts naked on a balcony

If you couldn’t deduce from the title, this is Naomi Watts naked on a balcony. And not just topless, but fully nude. With bush. Also, remember she had a baby in December. Which explains a lot of things. Like why she got all huffy when I called her a fatass four months ago.

Sorry about the quality, but I wanted to show you what the world would look like if you had cataracts. Not so nice now, is it?

And if you want some back story, this is her filming a seduction scene in Mother and Child where she’ll be doing full frontal.

Update: More and higher quality.

[Images via Coqueran/Daniel Mayer]

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15 years ago

well there I guess she didn’t you were there

15 years ago

What i would say about this is that if she really wanted to show the world her G-thing,she needn’t have to put on kind of mask wear.She w’ld have showed it live to fully let us view the whole thing.

Polishing Marble
13 years ago

Oh…this is so absurd!