Octuplet mom asks for donations

Creepy babies

Nadya Suleman, the woman who gave birth to octuplets and six other children, has launched a website following a whirlwind week of interviews and media scrutiny. Despite being insistent that she doesn’t receive or want to receive welfare, even though she does, there is a place on the website to make donations. Actually, that and “leave a comment” are the only two clickable things there.

Not sure who’d want to give some crazy Angelina Jolie wannabe money much less stay on that page for more than 5 seconds. The site is filled with babies with tubes coming out of their bodies. That’s creepy as hell. Couldn’t she have waited until after they got out of the hospital? Putting sunglasses on them doesn’t seem to help either. It might actually make it more disturbing. I can’t even handle moving my mouse over that page. The first thing that raced through my mind when it loaded was, “ALT-F4, ALT-F4!”

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