Paris Hilton is a leper

Paris Hilton has irked everyone in the industry to the point that one will be shunned from the community for being seen with Paris even if they’re only using her for a threesome. David Maisel found this out the hard way. During the Golden Globes, Paris latched onto David, chairman of Marvel Studios, who thoroughly enjoyed her attention, but soon discovered the consequences.

When Maisel made the mistake of bringing Paris to a CAA Golden Globe after-party at the Sunset Towers, he had to beg for forgiveness from CAA head Kevin Huvane after police were called to escort Paris off the premises. Sources say Maisel was “groveling and apologizing.” A friend of Maisel counters: “David did bring her but he had another date with him. She was denied entry and he didn’t go in to the party and left with Paris and his date.” Obviously a lie because Paris locked herself in the bathroom to keep from being kicked out.

With all the billions of dollars Hollywood has, you’d think they’d have invented a big cannon to shoot Paris out of by now. I mean, they don’t even have to spend extra money on R&D to make sure she’s shot into the deepest part of the ocean. A brick wall would do just fine. And it doesn’t even have to be a real cannon. It can just be a long tube that you shove Paris into. Like a time capsule. One that’s encased in concrete, buried and left for future generations to deal with.

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capt. cornhole
capt. cornhole
15 years ago

While most people with an ounce of self-respect don’t want to get sucked into her pussy of doom. I would do her, just so I force my cock into her balloon knot. Maybe even give her a steaming hot piss enema. Just to see that look on her herpes encrusted face.