Rihanna doesn’t accept Chris Brown’s “apology”

Rihanna @ another pre-grammy party

Chris Brown’s newly hired reps issued an apology on Sunday, but a friend of Rihanna’s says the singer is “appalled” by it. They say it feels like Chris isn’t remorseful at all.

”All of us, including Rihanna, don’t understand how he can say he’s sorry on the one hand, but still … does not admit any guilt,” said the source, adding, “He should have expressed more contrition.”

In Los Angeles, a close Rihanna associate — in daily contact with her — told this column Monday the entertainer is ”royally pissed off” by what Rihanna calls Brown’s ”cavalier and arrogant statement.”

Of course, when Chris read this, he shook his fist in the air and said, “One of these days… Pow! Right in the kisser! Oh… right.” That Chris Brown is an asshole.

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