Rihanna was pregnant?

Rihanna @ Perth

Star Magazine tries to best every celebrity mag this week by claiming Rihanna was pregnant when Chris Brown beat her. Their only proof is that Rihanna went to an ob-gyn at Cedars-Sinai after claiming to tell friends she thought she might be pregnant with Brown’s baby.

Wearing sunglasses and dressed in all black, she appeared nervous and upset. “She was extremely fidgety. She seemed totally uncomfortable,” an eyewitness at the doctor’s office tells Star.

With their relationship already on rocky ground, Rihanna feared a pregnancy could be the last straw and Chris might dump her.

“She was scared he would react badly,” says an insider.

But Rihanna did not get the chance to tell her boyfriend of a year about her trip to the doctor. Before she got a chance to say anything, Chris beat her black and blue after she tried to grab his cellphone to read a text message he had just received.

Last time I went to an ob-gyn, I got kicked out. Apparently, those stirrups aren’t the same ones that go on a horse. Suffice to say, my Lone Ranger impression didn’t go over so well.

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