Salma Hayek marries her French billionaire

French news magazine Le Point reports that Salma Hayek and her baby’s daddy, French billionaire Francois-Henri Pinault and owner of Le Point, were wed in central Paris on Saturday. People points out that they called off their engagement last July but, as it often does, two trips to Paris helped rekindle the romance.

Aww. Fairy tales do come true. It must have been tough for these two to overcome their differences. What with Salma being a millionaire and Francois being a billionaire. One eats with a golden spoon and the other has someone else feed them with a golden spoon. They’re from two different worlds really.

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15 years ago

she used to be pretty but somehow she grew old and now woof not my type

15 years ago

it worked out pretty good for both of them; she’s a hot actress who ended up marrying a billionaire and he’s a billionaire who married a hot actress. yay for them! (sigh)